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Upgrade Your Business with Reliable and Flexible IT Services

Scale your brand, maximize efficiency, save time and money, and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors with our reliable IT consulting services. Our talented team of experts are responsible for designing, running, and managing modern technology infrastructure for businesses to create sustainable and productive ecosystems.

Tailored Solutions for Companies
Across Different Industries

For over 20 years, we have been helping the following industries:

Car Dealerships

Medical Centers

Retail Stores

Real Estate Brokers

Stay on Top of the Competition

Gain a competitive edge by installing the latest state-of-the-art IT systems, upgrading your old hardware and software, and running a technology ecosystem that drives sustainable growth and higher profits to your business.

Focus on Running Your Business

Our certified engineers and technicians help you completely outsource your IT department. Whether you require technical support or want to securely collect and maintain company data, we take care of all your IT needs so you can focus on growing your business.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Every business is vulnerable to hacks and security threats. Ensure you have your customers’ trust and can protect your business from potential security breaches with our local security systems, firewall implementation and cyber security protection.

About Microtech

We are an Information Technology (IT) consulting firm that provides customized solutions to small and medium-sized businesses to align their IT and business strategies.
For over 20 years we’ve informed, advised, and transformed hundreds of companies, helped them achieve their goals, paved the way for their growth with updated and reliable technology infrastructure, and fixed major bottlenecks and threats that held them back.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses by designing and implementing the most reliable technology infrastructure and solutions-driven customer service and provide them with an edge to stay on top of their competition.

Our Ideal Customer

We focus on providing IT solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs.) Through years of striving in the tech industry, we noticed that most SMEs suffered from inefficient IT operations and systems, limiting their progress, and increasing costs.
That’s why we decided to help these businesses implement and maintain modern technology and drive growth in their business. Whether it’s to prevent cyberattacks that set them back or to adopt new technological systems and embrace innovation - we take on the responsibility of handling our client’s IT department so they can focus on their business.

A Tried-and-True Process That Ensures We Have
the Right Solution for You every time


A senior technician will visit the business premises and run a diagnostic ‘Tech-Check’ to assess the current technology ecosystem.


Our IT consultants will analyze your current tech, looking for pain points, bottlenecks, and improvement opportunities.


The team will develop a comprehensive IT strategy leveraging the latest technology and software and set goals and KPIs for your company.


Execute the initial set plan and take action to modernize your IT department, maximize efficiency and maintain all systems updated and operating efficiently.

Book your Free Tech-Check Today!

The MicroTech Tech-Check (Comprehensive Technological Assessment) helps diagnose minor and major issues that could be limiting your technological efficiency. Book now, and one of our senior technicians will reach out to you, discuss your goals, and assess your business for:

  • Technology being used for day-to-day activities

  • Workstations, servers, and racks (Routers, Switches, etc.)

  • Hardware, including printers, scanners and phone systems

  • Security Systems, including cameras, DVRs, and AVs system

  • Data connections, network infrastructure, and wireless capabilities

  • Backup and recovery systems

  • Cyber Security, threat protection of Wi-Fi, and firewalls

  • Malware Identification and protection checkup

After the initial assessment, our certified IT consultants will present a diagnosis and a detailed plan of action to fix all technical problems and increase the company’s productivity.

The solutions we propose will:

  • Ensure a sustainable and reliable technological ecosystem.

  • Provide an ideal disaster recovery plan

  • Include software analysis and recommendations

  • Fit your current needs and budget

Contact us today to book your free tech check and start optimizing your technology for growth.

Our IT Consulting Solutions

We have solutions are tailored to different business needs and industries. Our certified technicians and engineers have 20+ years of experience in the IT industry and offer the best strategies to small and medium-sized businesses to support and scale their operations.

Fully Managed Tech Solutions

Outsource your entire IT department with guaranteed peace of mind in just a fraction of the cost. Our fully managed IT solutions will address all your technical needs. These IT solutions include:

  • Assessing current IT infrastructure

  • Planning, outlining, and creating a strategic roadmap

  • Highlighting goals and aligning IT with the core business

  • Implementing effective IT technologies and management practices

  • Installing and managing anti-spam and modern recovery systems

  • Simplifying IT processes through cloud migration

  • Ensuring data protection with enhanced cybersecurity

  • Customized reporting

  • 24/7 support from our IT experts

IT Security Consulting

Protect your business from cyber-attacks, malware and security threats and process your data securely. Our IT security consultancy includes the following:

  • Implementation and maintenance of local security systems

  • Cyber security and threat protection

  • Outline a detailed IT roadmap and strategy that align with core business goals and availability of resources

  • Implementation and maintenance of Firewall

  • Managed threat detection and response.

IT Operations Consultancy

Find out the major issues in your IT operations that are dragging you back and optimize them for maximum productivity. You can maintain sustainable IT procedures and standards with our IT operations consulting. We will:

  • Troubleshoot IT operations, including issues in the supply chain, service operations and communication.

  • Analyze current hardware, software and systems and recommend cost-effective alternatives

  • Automate your IT processes and enable cloud migration

  • Better the IT governance to ensure goals are met

  • Set up proper IT developmental tools

  • Improve IT security

IT Healthcare Consulting

Cater to your patient’s needs with customized IT healthcare solutions that comply with HIPPA/HITECH standards and optimize your workspace. Our IT healthcare consultancy will get you:

  • Compliance with HIPPA/HITECH standards

  • Installation of EHR and health information systems

  • Installation, implementation, and maintenance of PACS system

  • Maintenance of PC hardware and software

  • ● Application of modern healthcare IT services and devices

IT Strategy Consulting

Streamline your IT strategy with our expert IT consultants, who will guide you towards the best IT practices and provide customized IT strategies that align with your needs and business goals. We will:

  • Assess the efficiency of current IT practices

  • Evaluate current IT infrastructure, integrations, servers, databases, and network infrastructure

  • Outline a detailed IT roadmap and strategy that align with core business goals and availability of resources

  • Plan strategies and tactics to modernize technology, software development and develop IT infrastructure

  • Highlight goals and time estimates for completing initiatives

  • Prioritize initiatives based on urgency and importance

IT Assessment

Get a detailed assessment of current IT practices to pinpoint flaws and opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our thorough IT assessment includes assessing:

  • Current IT practices

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Current Technology being used

  • Network Infrastructure

  • Hardware & Software

  • Workstations

  • Backup and Recovery Plans

  • Cyber security

  • Malware protection setup.

Streamline Your IT Strategy and Optimize Your Workplace

Get in touch with team MicroTech & tell us more about your goals for growth. Our expert IT consultants will love to chat with you and book you a free Tech-Check to assess your current technology infrastructure and IT practices to identify critical opportunities to optimize your operations.

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Why Choose MicroTech?

IT consulting can drastically improve your business by helping you optimize current technology infrastructure, expand operations, and increase productivity. But what makes MicroTech different?
Effective IT solutions tailored specifically to what your business needs. Our services are customized to give your business an advantage over the competition in your industry and we do so with your budget in mind, as a growth partner. This saves you money in the long run and ensures sustainable growth for your business with standards you can maintain.

❖ Affordable IT Solutions

Benefit from cost-effective IT solutions that meet your business needs and budget. We assess your current IT infrastructure and recommend cost-effective alternatives. Our services provide great value for your money as we install, implement and maintain effective IT systems at competitive costs within the industry.

❖ Experienced Technicians and Engineers

MicroTech has been around since 2000, meaning we have 20+ years of experience under our belt. We’ve seen the trends come & go and know how and what businesses get wrong about IT. That’s why our OSHA-certified technicians and engineers are confident to help you make the most out of your IT investment.

❖ Fully Managed IT Department

Outsource your IT department and let us handle ALL your technology needs while you focus on your business. IT is a major investment to have in-house, with hefty overhead costs, plus the time and resources it takes to manage and sustain. With our fully managed IT solutions, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about any IT-related issues and problems while maximizing its efficiency.

Want to Assess and Improve your Technology Infrastructure? Book a Free Tech-Check Today!
If you’re looking for a consulting firm that will handle all your IT needs, MicroTech is the business partner you’re looking for. Fill out the below contact form to book a call with us, and one of our IT consultants will contact you shortly.

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